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About Us
LEXLITE Lawyers, is an independent Law firm situated in Marbella. Specialist in providing the highest standard and exit rate. Our capacity of innovation and in depth analysis of the legal system consolidates us as one of the most prestigious Law Firms in Southern Spain.

What differentiates LEXLITE to other Law firms is that we do not simply offer solutions to legal issues but we also actively work, study and develop through what we consider “Preventative Law”. This is through our dedication of the highest quality in dealing with existing legalities but to prevent potential problems that could arise. This ensures that are clients can rest assured in that they can not only rely on us to solve existing problems but to pre-empt and therefore avoid others. This is achieved by specialist departments through our dedicated advisory service provided by our lawyers and economists.

Personalised and accessible service

From the moment the client contacts the firm and depending on the area of practice, the client is assigned a lawyer who will be in charge of handling the case throughout the entire process.

The client will have access at all times to their virtual file to consult documents and information through our online platform.

Quality of service

The lawyers in our firm are specialised in their area of practice and therefore the work is assigned to each department accordingly. This guarantee´s us to provide a rapid and accurate response to each client’s specific requirements.

Firm registered at the German consulate in Malaga

Firm registered at the British consulate in Malaga

Legal Expertise

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Services and areas of expertise

Real Estate Department

Our real estate department will take care of the management of all the necessary procedures to finalise the purchase and sale operations. We will supervise the Due diligence, contracts, prepare deeds, assist at the notary’s office, register the property and, in the event that the buyer is a non-resident of Spain, we will arrange for the buyer to obtain the N.I.E., the certificate of non-residence and/or the residence permit.

Our lawyers have vast professional experience in the real estate sector and are highly familiar with the real estate investment process.

Foreigners Department

The Foreigners Department will process your application for a residence permit, Golden Visa, Work permits, as well as the application for visa extensions of stay, Study Visa, homologation of diplomas, amongst other foreigner services you might require.

Civil Department

Our lawyers have more than 20 years of professional experience in the defence of all types of Ordinary, Monitory, Executive and Special lawsuits, drafting of contracts, liability, damages, leases, claims, inheritances, mortgages and the incorporation of commercial companies.